About the company provides stainless steel good price

Oristarcorp Corporation established in 2000, is a distributor of stainless steel (stainless steel) top in Vietnam. In recent years our company has been building a network of client systems across the country. 2004 with the development needs of the industry. Our company set up factories oristarcorp Hung Yen Co. initially produced items box tube industry, in 2008 the Company continued to invest in installing machinery production line of stainless steel items decorated with multi species. Currently we are the largest distributor of Vietnam’s stainless steel conglomerates in the world’s most famous, such as Italy, England, Spain, India, Taiwan …

Along with the business team of professional and enthusiastic have dedication and enthusiasm, our company has built a network of customers across the country and are always looking forward to the long-term development of mutually beneficial cooperation.

For nearly 20 years, the Corporation has served thousands oristarcorp customers with tens of thousands, with different sectors: cement, oil and gas, shipbuilding, Beer, Sugar, Dairy, Chemical, Food, sinks, appliances exports, Construction, Home Decor, Elevators, Engineering, manufacturing Engineering, Fertilizers, Health, Environment, water supply, Electricity, Automotive, Motorcycle, bicycle, refrigeration electrical Engineering, Fisheries, washing machines, …

Field work

Sales of stainless steel (Inox)

Production pipe, stainless steel box (industrial and civil), Vegas angle …

Import and export of stainless steel.

Consumer advisory products Inox.

Oriented development

Our main objective is to develop the domestic market and well established distribution channels phoi.Cong company always welcomes partners all over the country come to us. We look forward to the cooperation with our partners and work together for sustainable development.

We always strive to explore positive product innovation and always improve business efficiency to provide our customers with products of the highest quality, most perfect service

Our success is based on the right development, strategic vision and professional customer care.

Word first allow me on behalf of JSC oristarcorp customers would like to send word

good health and best wishes. We wish you a successful customer and increasingly prosperous.
*During more than a decade working in the field of production and distribution of stainless steel in Vietnam market, we have created a success not only in terms of quality but also customer reviews nationwide high prices of services, after-sales service and always create a relationship of cooperation for sustainable mutual benefit.

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The customer’s success has demonstrated the ongoing development of our company confirms toi.No right step in our past time.

With abundant supplies, multi category imported from renowned corporations in the world, the product of our stainless steel always meet most customer needs in engineering, quality thanh.Chung volume and price are proud to be providers best serve even the most demanding customers are also satisfied. We are committed and responsible to customers about their products.

Currently our factory has been invested by the modern lines, the most advanced in the world, with the guidance of foreign experts and workers, skilled workers plus verification system most stringent quality to make good products nhat.Luon perfect itself is the principle existence of our company. Depth understanding of the standards and technical criteria, professionalization, labor effort and responsibility always towards the success of our customers is our primary goal.

With the introduction of this website, we hope to give the customers the true information about the products, the technical standards. From that bring practical benefits for the customer. We would like to thank the continued support, and the valuable feedback from our customers to the company during the past.